we are designers of experiential brand moments. big and small.

for all important expressions of your company.


from milestone events, product launches, recent acquisition,

new hire onboarding to all-hands meetings.


these touchpoints are special because they reflect a vision,

hard work, and a story.  a good impression matters

to your employees and your consumers. most importantly,

these are value-add opportunities for your brand.


let’s create something uniquely bold.  


curiosity and play. meaning and wonder.

feeling alive or truly inspired. finding clarity.

let’s be strategic about the takeaway, as well as the audience

and let’s tailor all the elements to work in your favor.*


*elements of surprise are built in

(par the adventure/course/journey)




Experience Designer + Chief Creative
curiosity-driven, employing creativity & informed observation to evoke innovative solutions to complex challenges.

Holds big picture vision while ensuring the small details are met, enabling unforgettable experiences to manifest and inspire.
Founder of WHISK.