Dawn Fitzpatrick: An Inspiration for Female Millennial Leaders

The New York Times recently covered the rise of Dawn Fitzpatrick, the newly appointed chief investment officer of Soros Fund Management. An inspiration for female leaders, read the full story to see why against many odds, she's succeeding, largely in part to trusting her instincts and intuition.

Men Bet She Would Fail; Now She Runs a $26 Billion Fund

From the moment Dawn Fitzpatrick stepped onto the American Stock Exchange trading floor as a clerk in 1992, she sensed that the odds were against her. Surrounded by men in jackets barking trade orders, she stood out in her pleated skirt and twin sweater set. Traders around her began wagering over how long Ms. Fitzpatrick, then 22, would last.

“The floor was definitely not a place for people who were cute, prim and proper,” Ms. Fitzpatrick said in a recent interview.

Those who bet against her lost.

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