aplat brand strategy & launch campaign

For a fresh, gorgeous company like Àplat, we needed to be sure that we were empowering a long game play. All of our clients want to ultimately engage the right people with their product or idea. Yet a splashy event is sometimes not the most direct route for nascent brands.

To put Àplat’s culinary totes in the right hands, we sought strategic media exposure and brand partnerships. We combed through our network to enable connections with a handful of likeminded companies such as Public Bikes, Food52, SHED, and Tartine Bakery. And we helped get the founder coverage with the likes of Food & Wine, Dwell, Monocle, L.A. Times, Good Food Awards, Food Book Fair, and Bon Appetit.

Since working with our team in 2014, Àplat has grown by 50 percent each quarter and commands ongoing media interest and co-branding requests. With such universal appeal and a booming spirit of joie de vivre, Àplat’s founder continues to entrust WHISK with the task of spearheading and discerning brand partnerships, co-branding opportunities, and global expansion.