eBay SHARE Dinner

Although dinners are among our smaller scale projects, we do take these moments very seriously. At best, it is a jeweled space for quality connection-making and lively exchanges. A complete moment in time, with sumptuous details, smart conversation, and an atmosphere that embraced a oneness. This was an evening sponsored by eBay Inc., in conjunction with the annual SHARE SF conference, and we brought together the most visionary practitioners in the local and nation share economy sector.

We assuaged collectivity, across a curated four course dinner and spirited dialogue prompts. We imbued the night with a sense of play by welcoming each guest with an artifact that would later come in handy during the meal and the arrangement of seating. To further help connect and network this high-powered, values-driven crowd, we rearranged the seating arrangement with each course. All touchpoints, from welcoming to dinner and dialogue until departure, were all designed with the theme “sharing”.  

event type: thought leadership community-facing conversation-sparking immersive dinner
role: experience design, production
team: small (under 25)
location: san francisco

complete with:
experience design + execution
color exercise upon entry to design for arranged seating w/o guests knowing what’s to come/intended effect
edible favors
coursed deconstructed experiential “shared” dinner
live open kitchen chef experience
dialogue prompts
aesthetic accoutrements