Levi Strauss & Co. Management Culture Reset

We were recruited to design and produce an executive leadership summit for Levi’s amidst an internal culture in transition. The summit was first of its kind in four years. Through support, guidance, and a little fun, we led the team from a culture of fear to a culture of awakening. To stay sharp, sometimes the most respected innovators need to hit the reset button to realign, and reconnect with their valued and mission. Sometimes to get that vantage, you need to travel inward, not out. 

First we created a nurturing environment within a studio space in SOMA, replete with natural light and wooden textures to mimic the brand’s sturdy, signature denim. The second-story space gave new heights to inspire fresh ideas and a more forward-thinking culture. We filled the studio with strategy sessions, creativity exercises, improv and motivational conversations with culture consultants like Stan Slap. 

role: experience design, production, curation
team: medium (under 50)
location: San Francisco
inspired client moment: dance class!