Lime Lab Engineering Retreat

Designing off-sites isn’t only about turning off your screens and breathing deeply. For us, it’s an opportunity to hone-in, refine, crystallize, inspire, and awaken. There was a distinction in planning this one particularly because it was an off-site experience for an engineering team. It is paramount for us to understand the days and lives of our audience so we can handpick the choicest, most complementary details for them, so that this time away from “work” is transformative and lasting.

For Lime Lab, we took their off-site goals and worked backwards. We built the moments one by one, bringing analog and tactility back to strategy and core thematics. By designing activities and carefully architecting interactions that the team hadn’t before experienced we brought people together via pattern matching based on their commonalities outside of work - whether being a parent or being born in Ohio.

We also taught them hands-on practical skills which had the added benefit of drawing forth their characters from the shell of their professional role with a hands-on cooking class during which they made lunch for the entire crew. Bussing up the team from foggy SF to sunny Sebastopol created a merry, field trip-like tone for the day. After a day of camaraderie-building exercises, strategy sessions and trust exercises, the team enjoyed a craft whiskey tasting--with an optional shrub tasting for those who don’t consume alcohol, of course.

event type: visceral engineering offsite
role: co-creator, experience designer, facilitator
team: medium (under 60)
location: sebastopol/san francisco

complete with:
curatorial direction (venue, agenda, logistics, meals, transportation; sourcing specialists/instructors, keynote speakers, motivational figures, management team coaching, and surprises)
quarterly goal setting around hitting metrics, targets, and milestones
strategy sessions, facilitated visioning exercises, creativity + reflection workshops, the art of listening workshop
hands-on Vietnamese cooking instruction + hot sauce 101
Bourbon + Branch whiskey tasting
cheese education
trust building + storyboarding
improv workshop