Marker Launch Event

Marker is a social field guide for sharing remarkable places both near and far. When WHISK was hired to design and produce its launch celebration there was no shortage of inspiration that the product and brand story informed.

A launch party is beyond a social occasion. And for Marker’s founders, stakeholders and workers, we aimed to facilitate the moment when their bright ideas came to life.

We were roused to design an experience that focused on the app itself. Our team curated the best in food and craft cocktails in the city based on socially generated recommendations from the Marker app. For a community of users drawn to design-driven amazedness, we procured a tangible expression beholden to the same whim of mindful wandering that the app invites. It was a jubilant soiree with a curated spread of local fare, aromatic ambience, and a cascading wall of cookies.

role: experience design, production
team: small
location: san francisco
inspired client moment: curatorial freedom is the highest form of belief in the collaboration

complete with:
experience design + execution
SFMOMA’s Blue Bottle Coffee cookie wall
Peko Peko aesthetically immersive bites
choice batch of desserts
edible takeaways
dialogue prompts
aesthetic accoutrements
best damn craft cocktailer in san francisco