Slanted Light Culture Reset

For a top-of-field client who’s exceptional in consumer insights, in-field research, and innovative storytelling capabilities, we aimed to be equally thoughtful in experience design and curatorial strategy. The most inspiring leaders benefit from keeping several vantages but the most important is the promontory vista. Sometimes to get that height, you need to travel inward, not up. We found that the best way to do that was to step away from work, set goals, dream again, think out loud, exercise design thinking, laugh with your team, commit to the trailhead, strategize, and enneagram explorations. And that’s the bird’s eye view we climbed for.

As a small team of four, it was important for them to stay creative while carrying out a shared vision. We worked side-by-side with Slanted Light to design an off-site experience that refreshed and refined the company leadership capacity. The journey began at Fort Mason, and ended in Tomales Bay for an overnight retreat. The team worked with curated speakers, 1:1 professional dev coaches, communication work shoppers and improv specialists, which infused and enhanced communication styles to the beat of curated playlists and the majestic Inverness shore.

We followed the retreat with a 30-day challenge for the team that turned the spirit of the weekend into a habit. By enlisting coaches to teach the team stronger communication skills, core values, and interpersonal skills we fired up the team's neurons via design thinking & mind-mapping exercises. We helped them articulate passion projects relevant to the company’s mission in service of the meta goal of architecting work/life/passion balance so that their skills - and the exploration of them - would add value to future client projects. Through this work, ideas and capabilities that were invisible emerged and new shapes appeared, and this evolved everyone’s perspective as individuals and team members. Building an environment that empowered all of the team members created newfound trust on the part of Slanted Light’s clients who could sense the company shift from founder-led to team-led.

role: co-creator, experience designer, facilitator
team: small
location: tomales bay
inspired client moment: iteration and collaboration makes for great trust in the process

complete with:
curatorial direction -- site, meals, agenda, logistics
sourcing facilitators
goal setting
strategy sessions
creativity exercises
mind body practices
design sprints