Thumbtack: All-Hands Q1 Offsite

Designing off-sites, isn’t only about turning off your screens and breathing deeply. For us, it’s an opportunity to hone-in, refine, crystallize, inspire, and awaken. Insert Thumbtack. A platform that connects people with skills to people who need them. For this quickly-growing, ambitious startup, we were enlisted to take their all-hands quarterly offsites to the next level. To do this, we conducted a brand audit, where we invested in their mission, core values, and culture. We doled out a hearty scoop of play through amari education, magic learning, improv, and dance choreographed by ODC instructors. To keep the energy alive long after the event, the WHISK team designed an experience to de-layer their team’s skills.

We brought the brand concept full circle by letting people break off into groups based on the color of the (actual) thumbtacks they chose from a bowl upon arrival. Each group member wrote down a skill they were willing to teach on a slip of paper, then exchanged the notes with others and later set up skill swaps at the Thumbtack offices. This cross pollinated employees from different offices and teams, and brought an engaged, lively spirit to the company’s first quarter. By the end, we’d woven a brand new layer of brand evangelism for the team, forging bonds with local and satellite employees, across varying levels of tenure and department, inclusive of C-suite and newest hire.

role: experience design, curation, production
team: large (150+)
location: San Francisco
inspired client moment: sealing the evening with a sparkler celebration, further instilling the core value ‘Go!’ for the quarter ahead