Twitch Holiday Party

With Twitch, one successful design experience bestowed the opportunity for another. This time, they re-enlisted WHISK to design a 1920s holiday soiree, a roaring sockdollager that would put Jay Gatsby to shame. Completely enamored with the theme, we became arbiters of the jazz age. We didn’t stop at oysters, speakeasy craft cocktails, and ice sculptures. Standard opulence would not suffice. We engaged a brilliant local pastry chef to recreate desserts of the 20s, commissioned dazzling suspended aerial trapeze artists and a five-piece jazz-swing band to keep the affair elevated.  A lustrous night, full of ritz and charm, laced with sparkles, feathery boas, while swanky bearcats and jakes danced the night away at the new gallery cum event space, NWBLK. At the stroke of midnight, an artisanal donut truck rolled in to offer more splendor, sugar and caffeine. The night was the embodiment of a prosperous year in review, and to a glittery 2015 ahead.

role: experience design, production
team: 250+
level: delicious budget
location: san francisco
photography: David Kepner

complete with:
a mighty fine Brooklyn-based photographer
Tomfoolery for good Kodak moments
1920s desserts (hostess cupcakes!)
branded ice sculptures
doughnut truck + orgasmic hot chocolate
silent movie projection
Tarot card readers
live music experience
Hog Island Raw Bar
Gourmet cheese and charcuterie station
2 full bars with period theme cocktails