Twitch Play: Summer All-Hands Party

When Twitch hired WHISK to design + produce their company all-hands annual party, only soon after did they find success in an Amazon acquisition. Needless to say, a paramount celebration of sorts was in order. The collaboration insisted on something fun, on-brand, family-friendly, and nostalgic of summer conviviality. This was an excitable challenge for us. WHISK designed an urban picnic drawing upon play, delight, elements of surprise, and good old-fashioned fun. We curated a full-scale wonderland with hands-on experiences for all participants of every age to joyfully immerse. And in that sensorial panoply was a strategic, justifiable, and awesome expression of their brand value, “to play”, which we were proud to animate.

role: experience design, production
team: 200+
location: san francisco, mission district
inspired client moment: the sheer delight in the room as we rolled out surprises throughout the day
photography: Kimberley Hasselbrink

complete with:
concept-led theme
coveted local barbeque
vintage skeeball
live screenprinting
chocolate making
exclusive spirits tasting
rare + novel takeaway