Zendesk: Global Sales Kickoff

Our client Zendesk asked us to design and produce their first ever Global Sales Kickoff in early 2015, with less than two months’ planning time. For their team, brand identity is paramount, and as it was their largest event since IPO, they wanted to create an unparalleled experience. They wanted to carve out a clear direction. We commenced the project with a deep dive brand immersive. As part of the concept, we transformed the Herbst Pavilion at Fort Mason for a two day conference complete with custom fab walls, a zen scene with wheat grass and buddha, and an arcade themed dinner concept. The event was entirely customized, with food from small batch producers to a lighting concept created by AV specialists from Denver. People loved it and stayed well after the sun went down behind the Golden Gate Bridge during the cocktail reception. It was remarked by several senior sales team employees that the event was one of the most unique Sales Kickoffs they’d ever attended. The client's achieved significant brand moment was one where global sellers could feel connected, have fun, and be immersed in all things ZEN.

event type: global sales kickoff
role: experience design, end-to-end production, event planning
team: big (300+)
location: Herbst Pavilion, Fort Mason, San Francisco
complete with: venue selection, complete design and production, custom fabrication of raw space, tailored meal experiences, gourmet coffee and juice bars, translated brand identity, architected brand engagement and activation activities, adult arcade evening bonding experience, improv, industry leading speakers