You've invested in your brand and spend time perfecting the way you conduct business. Let WHISK help you invest in your employees and office culture. 

Designing and building a strong internal culture over time pays dividends in ROI, employee retention, effective company-wide communication, and creating a legacy company in which employees become brand evangelists. 

We work with companies to develop a holistic and cohesive approach to defining and manifesting culture in tangible ways.


How we work:

We like to think of this as cultural steward meets artist in residence. Over the course of 2-3 months, we'll immerse ourselves on-site within your company, learn what drives your team and establish the framework and partnerships for a flourishing company culture.

Our goal is to establish a holistic, yet realistic rhythm that can continue on beyond the Residency. We believe in the “teach how to fish” philosophy where we coach and train a staff member to carry the torch. Don’t have someone in this role? We can also help vett candidates in the hiring process.

What you can expect:
Every company comes to us at a different stage in their growth. We start off with an assessment of what you have in place and where you envision going to establish shared goals for the duration the Residency. In a nutshell, we design the framework, implement the right partners, and coach the staff to carry the program forward.

Beyond the Residency our services are available a la carte for:
- fine tuning or expanding on programming
- further training of new staff or replacement down the line
larger scale custom experience design such as off-sites and retreats