Field Day Goes Film Day

When the National Park Service deems every Saturday that your client wants to produce an all-hands field day as a ‘noise ordinance’ or race day at Crissy Field, and no other San Francisco park service will grant you access to create the experience you want…what do you do?

You rent a film production studio in the Mission, and create an Alice in Wonderland inspired experience, complete with immersive activities, multi-level games, and hands-on classes and food experiences that evolve throughout the afternoon.

The studio was essentially a blank canvas on which to iterate.

On a mission to make magic happen for our client, we took the notion of play to heart and designed an interactive, immersive experience that employees still talk about today.

For our client, core values like play, competition, and team work were the driving guidelines. We brought in a giant inflatable Twister set for children and adults alike, hands-on opportunities to learn and laugh, such as canning, screen printing, a live muralist, and chocolate making with some of San Francisco’s most sought after instructors. With custom drinks from craft cocktailers, a surprise barista popup bar, and 20th Century Café’s famed honey cake, we pulled out the stops to ensure this team felt valued and celebrated.

For us, everything’s about the art of discovery and delightful surprise. If, by design, you can help colleagues connect in a compelling way that they’re not able to in the day-to-day office setting, you’ve been successful at creating meaning and deepening purpose, not to mention building brand evangelism for the organization they work for.

Any great event starts with a solid foundation, a deep understanding of an organization’s core values, brand, and culture, and articulated goals at the onset of the project.

Over the course of a fiscal year, companies plan a series of events to motivate salespeople, rally everyone around the organization’s plans and process, build camaraderie, and celebrate significant milestones. From sales kickoffs, all-hands offsites, conferences, retreats, product launches, and parties, the key unifier is being strategic and clear about the impact you want to have on your audience, and then designing for that impact.

Ultimately, the type of event you’re planning doesn’t matter. What matters is how your guests — be they the internal team, investors, customers, or influencers — feel when they walk away. What they’re feeling will impact what they say, and what they do.

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