You've invested in your brand and spent time perfecting the way you conduct business. Hire Whisk to invest in your office culture and employees, and to create shared, meaningful experiences.


We've sought out the city's best professionals to get your blood flowing and your brain energized. Spring from that seat (or away from the standing desk) and feel the serotonin levels rise. Increased oxygen flow = greater sex drive. Seriously, you’ll have a healthier team ready to tackle it all:

+ yoga, dance, bootcamp
+ massage & acupuncture
+ meditation & ergonomics


We design custom events + experiences that get you out of your desk chair, and even out of the office. Remember the best parts of field trips? How about connecting with a colleague on a deeper level than you thought possible in the daily flow? Let us know which of the following components are important to you, and we'll create an experience unique to your team:

+ entertainment
+ service work
+ educational
+ hands-on
+ off-sites & retreats
+ client meetings


Join us. We'll lead your senior team on a Culture Charrette. We’ll pick you up from the airport or the office and escort you to a magic, tucked away environment where you’ll be fed well, exercised, challenged, stretched, well rested, and fully engaged. We’ll bring in experts to guide your group through a series of thought-provoking and reflection-intensive questions and frameworks to help you design an internal culture guide.

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    Who wouldn't want to start the day on a solid note? Most of us feel + perform better when starting the day with fuel. Sure, you could say it's your team's responsibility to get themselves dressed, groomed and fed prior to arriving at the office, but not everyone learned good nutrition. Whether you're feeding the team or visiting clients, give them the best available and ensure their brain is ready to make an impact on the day ahead. All food is hand-curated + delivered, and breakfast is where we thrive.


    Have you defined the environment in which you do your best work? How about your team? How ergonomic are your tools, gadgets, and screens? I’ll bet your chiropractor can answer that. What’s the air quality? Are there ample windows and the choice of working in modules, both sitting and standing? How’s the culture around using the stairs? What behavioral nudges has your office addressed? We have partners who can assist with:

    + office moves & refreshes
    + aesthetic touches & interior design
    + canteen setup


    Need a mariachi band? A team of circus figures, a private platform to manage all of your team offsites, or want a popup to manage your new product launch? Need a magic answer for feeding 300 people four meals a day with organic cuisine spanning global palates for five weeks? We’ve done these and more, and if we haven’t, we’re always welcoming of new challenges. We're available for special projects and comprehensive support for your workplace culture.

    "Whisk is 100% reliable, does an incredibly thorough job with all their projects and always make sure that everything has gone smoothly. We love their work and we love their mission." —Celeste, Heroku



    Why? When your people thrive, so does your business. We spend nearly 45% of our waking hours working, often physically at the office. We see the same people carry on with habitual routines, like forgetting to stretch, not experiencing the outdoors aside from commuting, and often not partaking in proper nourishment. These factors don’t enable our best work, yet more is being asked of us than ever before. And not just in terms of time, but in maximization of left and right brain usage. So, why culture? Well, what is the culture of the place you’ve chosen to work? Is it work hard / play hard? Is it flexible as long as you get your work done? How’s your vacation policy? Do people look you in the eye when you walk in in the morning? The culture of your workplace often dictates how well you fit, and how empowered you feel to do your best work. 

    How? We believe--and studies show--that healthy, engaged employees yield a multifold ROI. Better work, more efficient use of time, clearer communication, stronger ideas, fewer sick days, greater energy + enthusiasm, happier clients, higher retention, and increased satisfaction across the board. We meet with your team onsite and conduct an exploratory audit (both observation and q+a) and from there roadmap  series of services to help your team engage more deeply and authentically. Often we find this starts with breakfast and an infusion of movement in the day and builds to more complex elements. However, some of our clients hire us for special projects to lend a creative hand where they’re either in need of inspiration or have low bandwidth. We also conduct high-level intensives with the C-level teams to create or more fully develop your internal office culture, which we call Culture Charrettes.

    We provide and procure the best in services for offices that want to offer their employees and clientele something new, inspired, and stimulating in their daily and special activities. By working exclusively with celebrated local vendors and practitioners in SF and NYC, Whisk brings the best of the city to your workspace. 

    Welcome to Whisk. 

    Our Story

    Like any good cook will relay, a kitchen without a whisk is incomplete. A whisk yields perfectly whipped cream or egg whites every single time. No other tool, regardless of technological influence or price yields better results. When designing the business I wanted to create a service that, much like a whisk, yielded high-quality, dependable, polished results every single time, was ergonomic (read: flexible), transparent (read: fair business practices), and useful (read: the taste + the network that yields joy and ease with keeping your team engaged and motivated).

    The value of a whisk = the value of your brand. Have you considered how important your people are to your brand? Do you know what irritates or energizes them? Do you recognize the true cost of employee turnover and see the value in a healthy, motivated team? What type of environment do you want to create? One in which your team thrives, or survives? When your people thrive, so does your business.

    "Whisk was inspired by two local trends: a sea change in new company culture, with leadership taking a truly holistic view of employees' well-being; and the blossoming talent of local business owners bringing new passion to traditional skills, who show us incredible ways to taste, move, learn and thrive in the world around us. Bridging those worlds gave birth to Whisk." 

    - Maggie Spicer, Founder + Chief Creative

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