WHISK designs and produces the most impactful experiences for brands who like to push the envelope. We're big believers in the power of Design Thinking. As such, we start each project by conducting a deep audit of your company. We'll ask you about your values, your culture, and your brand. We want to know how you measure ROI - be it team engagement, partner development, or customer growth. We get pretty academic about it.

We believe in keeping things local and high-touch. We work with a highly-curated list of vetted best-in-class local partners & vendors for every project.



As a full-service agency, WHISK provides hourly event and/or brand consulting (range spans: guest experience, schedule & agenda, content creation, sponsorship package advice, brand strategy, event marketing, catering & rental needs, venue sourcing, contract negotiation, date research, a/v, videography, photography, and entertainment sourcing). Our team continuously asks “How will attendees take away the right experience?” And we iterate from there.


After 10+ years in the experience design and event production space, the WHISK team now offers consulting services to clients. Learn how to hire an incredible, sharp events lead and how to perfect that important first milestone event post-Series A funding. Discover how to fine-tune your team’s creativity when things get stale. 

Don’t have an events manager yet but starting to scale? We can help you hire and train a rockstar producer. Have an events manager but he/she could benefit from some fine-tuning, big picture thinking and detail obsession? We can help with that too.

Because, why hire us yearly when WHISK can train and empower your team to design & produce?