Whisk designs experiences and programs custom-tailored to activate company culture + core values. 

You've invested in your brand and spent time perfecting the way you conduct business. Hire Whisk to invest in your employees and office culture by designing shared, high-impact experiences. 

Our services increase employee productivity and morale, creativity, and job satisfaction. Our clients benefit from experiencing our high-level curation and consulting services, and trust us as their most valued resource for connecting them with on-brand strategic partners to fully realize their vision.

While anchored in San Francisco and NYC, we are able to hit the ground running across the globe from Walla Walla, Washington to Berlin and everywhere in between. We draw from an extensive, well-curated network born out of our roots in culture, cuisine, and design. We understand the landscape of tech and start-up environments as well as the more established, and are sought after to coalesce the disparate parts that make an organization thrive. Our pulse is centered on that of quality and meaning, and we’re often identifying trends before they become mainstream.



We believe our environment & the people that surround us can inspire greatness. 
Therefore, we design experiences to maximize potential and activate people. 

Our mission is to create an environment that enables your team to thrive by engaging employees + identifying intrinsic motivators + catalyzing cohesion allowing your company culture to manifest in tangible ways. A company--and community--is only as strong as its people.


+ Core-values-driven leadership is essential; emotionally committed & intellectually engaged employees equates to a vibrant work culture

+ Designed shared experiences lay the framework for lasting memories & bonding; they inspire curiosity, create connection & foster deeply satisfying team camaraderie

+ A sense of adventure & incorporating play into the routine keeps teams fresh and sharp

+ Your employees are focused where they excel; you need a partner you can collaborate with to design & execute on-brand experiences for your team & clients alike, and one you can trust implicitly to hit the mark every time.


- Maggie Spicer, founder + chief creative



Experience Designer + Cultural Catalyst: curiosity-driven, employing creativity & informed observation to evoke innovative solutions to complex challenges.

Holds big picture vision while ensuring the small details are met, enabling unforgettable experiences to manifest and inspire. Founder of WHISK.

Rachael Wussow


Experience Producer + Creative Strategist: equal parts analytical and creative, combines thoughtful understanding with curiosity in the pursuit of transforming individuals, businesses and communities for the better.

Deeply intuitive, connector of people and meaning. Roots stem from 7+ years in Bay Area design and brand strategy.



"Thank you so much Maggie! It hardly seems sufficient to just say thank you. You’ve helped us take these experiences to a whole new level. Helping us to design and realize the perfect environment for our meetings and team building events and adding in extra touches that really elevate the entire experience. Thank you for truly being part of our team and helping us create extraordinary events, and for making the perfect connection for our brand." — Inna, BabyCenter, NYC

"Whisk is 100% reliable, does an incredibly thorough job with all their projects and always make sure that everything has gone smoothly. We love their work and we love their mission." — Celeste, Heroku

"[Whisk] did a great job and the team had a lot of fun. This turned out very much in the spirit that I had envisioned and was a perfect ending for the day the team spent together." — Markus, Splunk

"This is a great service. I've raved about it to all my other office managers. Not only does it take some of the hassle off coming up with and completing events/activities/meals for my staff, it gives me so many more great ideas for the future." — Emily, OkCupid Labs