008 | Vendors 
MOBILE OFFERINGS // Libations Unlimited





007 | Photographer 

Mae creates captivating narratives by way of images and words. 




"I am a commercial photographer and content writer."

Services: I provide lifestyle, editorial, and product photography, as well as content writing for publications.

State of Projects: Currently I am working with various makers in the Bay Area on lookbooks and product imagery. I would love to work on more lookbooks and campaigns for Bay Area brands as I continue to expand my work. 


006 | Blank Space 
IN THE SPOTLIGHT // Large Transformational Venues

Finding space to transform your event into a reality in SF for a large group (200 or more) can be a challenge. We're bringing you our top 5 venues in the Bay Area where you can make an impact when you are looking to make some magic happen! 

The Nine: This 9,500 sq. foot venue (SOMA) not only has floor to ceiling windows and tons of natural light, but also rental production and AV equipment in house. 

The Village: Three floors, located on Market Street, this high-tech venue is perfect for creating unique environments. The basement has built-in bars and a dance floor. There's a reason this year's Best of SF was held here.

American Steel Studios: Located in Oakland, and with <gasp> parking, this indoor/outdoor venue is a rustic space with lots of character. 

Fort Mason: [Herbst Pavilion/Festival Pavilion] Idyllically located on a pier, Herbst and Festival Pavilions are great for large groups of 300+. Parking and affordable Wi-Fi options make these venues a win in our book! 

Pier 70: With over 225,000 sq. feet, Pier 70 is was once a historic site, and now an event venue with lots of potential. Three separate buildings and a parking lot space can host a large build-out, or group, depending on what you're shooting for.


005 | Life Coaches 
IN THE SPOTLIGHT // Fierce Femmes

We all can use a little third party insights sometimes. These women help us "learn the rules like a pro so [we] can break them like an artist." Thanks, Picasso.

Lindsay Jean Thomson



"I help you make it happen, whatever your "it" is."

Services: 1-1 coaching for leaders and entrepreneurs, meeting facilitation and meditation, core values workshops, values based content strategy, coaching for employee development and retention, team strengthening and programming + so much more--anything is possible!

State of Projects: Currently I am working on Women Catalysts

Sandra Possing



"I help inspire change makers to get out of their own way and step up their game. "

Services: coaching, speaking, workshops

State of Projects: I would love to build a vibrant online community, make beautiful videos and online courses, lead virtual group programs, create transformational group experiences (workshops, retreats), and speak internationally. 

004 | Play On

Seeking some new music? Need to curate a quick playlist for your office? Want to make a mix? 

Enter 8tracks.

This San Francisco based music platform has over 90,000 songs and lets you explore new artists and mixes based on mood or artist preferences. Play on, play on. 


003 | Breathing Space 
IN THE SPOTLIGHT // SF Rooftop Patios

We love fresh air, and guess you do too. Sometimes it's nice to escape the asphalt without having to take a bridge. That's where public rooftops come in.

As women always on the go, we love Galvanize’s roof deck. Wi-fi and dog access is the jam among jams, however, when it's just a blue sky and an epic view calling your name, some of our favorite vistas include: SF Art Institute in Russian Hill, the One Kearny Roof Terrace (11th floor), the Garden Terrace at 150 California, or the Rooftop patio at 343 Sansome. Last, but not least, a nice terrace awaits you at the Fairmont Hotel (lobby level)...alas, the next time you are in the Tonga Room, make sure to wander over for a visit.


002 | Artist / Muralist 
IN THE SPOTLIGHT // Leah Tumerman

We're featuring creative, Leah Tumerman, in the spotlight. Leah creates works of art, often at grand scale, capturing seemingly overlooked perspectives. A friend and colleague, we've also collaborated with Leah on client projects. She is a true gem, and a rare find.



"I create narrative artworks for public and private spaces."

Services: Murals, illustrations and paintings using a variety of mediums (but most often paint and graphite). I sell quality archival reproductions of original works, wholesale and retail. Commissions and collaborations are welcomed."

State of Projects: Currently, I am traveling for mural commissions in both Chicago and Nashville. The Chicago project is for a private space, a garden wall in a popular bar/restaurant, and the Nashville project is for a non-profit organization working to beautify urban spaces with an outdoor street art gallery concept.

I dream of doing a large public piece in SF, to the scale of 1,000 square feet or larger, using heavy machinery, and a design concept entirely my own. One that features both text and image, because I am most compelled by the strange external (3rd) narrative(s) that blossom when both are combined within one frame.  


001 | Secret Breakfast Society

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Secret Breakfast Society. Some of you may have adventured and explored with us earlier this year, and we're excited to share the culmination of feedback and insights. 

After observing the gap for a true resource for professionals seeking to source coaches, photographers, on-brand venues, incredible chefs, gorgeous rooftops suitable for hosting group, lawyers ... you get the idea (and have likely been there yourself) ... we've polled a curated group of the fierce and fearless, and are embarking on a journey to make all of our lives smoother, our inboxes a little less cluttered, and our community a little stronger.

The vision is to provide an online resource for professionals seeking the right individual/brand for a particular project, semi-regular immersive gatherings, and foster the building of a community that supports one another.